Saturday, August 30, 2014

Colour mixing

We used eye droppers and dye to investigate colour.  We have been learning about the primary colours- red, yellow and blue.  When these colours are mixed we can make new colours.  Look at what we found out!
Mixing colour on PhotoPeach

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learning about Capacity

Learning about capacity on PhotoPeach
Capacity is the amount of space inside an object that can be filled.  We measured and compared containers, milk bottles and lego buildings.  It was so much fun.  We worked as a team and helped each other with our learning.

Basketball Skills with Clifton

Basketball skills with Clifton on PhotoPeach
We are learning skills that we can practise to make us good basketball players.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Our inquiry by Allegra, Rowan, Mark, Alex and Hugo

Our inquiry by Allegra, Rowan, Mark, Alec and Hugo on PhotoPeach
Allegra wanted to know why trees changed colour in Autumn. Rowan found out why the Japanese flag is red and white.  Mark investigated why the moon was white.  Alec wanted to know why the sun is yellow and hugo found out what makes the colours of the rainbow!


Our inquiry by Jacob, Zion, Ben R, Grace and Amrit

Our inquiry by Jacob, Zion, Ben R, Grace and Amrit on PhotoPeach
Jacob found out why Leopards have spots.
Zion shared interesting facts about Cheetahs.
Ben investigated why snakes are brown...and then wanted to find out about the 5 most venemous snakes in Australia.
Graces inquiry delved into why tortoises are the colour they are and Amrit wanted to know why zebras are striped!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Memory - make 10

This is a fun way to reinforce quick recall of 2 numbers when joined together make 10.

Winter Poems

Winter poems on PhotoPeach
We created poems about winter using our senses.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our inquiry by Rosie, Ethan, Sophia and Matilda

Our inquiry by Rosie, Ethan, Sophia and Matilda on PhotoPeach
Rosie wondered why strawberries are red.
Ethan investigated venus flytraps.
Sophia wanted to know more about rainbows.
Matilda questioned why leopards had black spots.

Our inquriy by Ben P, Toby and Emma

Our inquiry by Ben P, Toby and Emma on PhotoPeach
Ben P investigated why crocodiles are green.
Toby wondered why leopards are the colour they are.
Emma questioned why lions had manes.

Our inquiry by Millie, Libby and Summer

Our inquiry by Millie, Libby and Summer on PhotoPeach
Millie investigated why the Solar System was colourful.
Libby found out why snowflakes are blue and white and glitter in the sun.
Summers wondered why leaf bugs are camouflaged.
Look at what they learnt!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Showing our thinking in different ways

Problem Solving in Mathematics on PhotoPeach

Winter Collage Art on PhotoPeach
We loved making Winter Art Collages.  Can you see the different media we used to create the feeling of Winter.  First we blended cold colours from light to dark.  We used dye to make the background feel even more wintery.  The snowflakes were fun to make.  We had to fold white circles into quarters and cut out small shapes around the edge.  Be careful not to cut off all the fold!  When we opened the circle back out we had created beautiful snowflakes.  By ripping black paper we made the silhouette of a big old winter tree.The polystyrene pieces look like snow and of course the favourite part was adding glitter.
We hope you love our "Wintery Wonderland".  Aren't we clever artists!

Junior Cross Country

Champion Cross Country Runners on PhotoPeach
We were all champion cross country runners.  Everyone ran the whole distance and put in their best effort.  Well done Room 8.  We are so proud of you all.
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