Thursday, April 13, 2017

Abstract Faces

Abstract Faces on PhotoPeach

Influenced by Picasso we attempted some abstract art.  These faces were created by taking our pencil for a walk while thinking about our facial features.  We were allowed to lift the pencil from our paper.


Face Sculptures

Influenced by Picasso we collected junk items to build up face sculptures.  We thought carefully about shapes, colour, balance and how we could build up different facial features.  It was so much fun!

Face Sculptures on PhotoPeach

Face Sculptures

Face Sculptures on PhotoPeach

Self Portraits

Self Portraits on PhotoPeach
Here are just some of our self portraits. We carefully observed ourselves using mirrors and measured informally using proportions.


Position and Orientation, Orienteering and Bee-Bots

Position and Orientation Orienteering and Bee-Bots on PhotoPeach
Picasso on PhotoPeach


Picasso on PhotoPeach

Monday, October 24, 2016

To Brazil - Room 7's extravaganza dance

Here is our Room 7 extravaganza item.  Our dance was based around the Olympic sports of gymnastics, sailing, weight lifting and cycling.  The music was called "To Brazil" which was very appropriate as this was where the 2016 Olympics were held.
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