Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Maui slowed the Sun

We have been learning about legends.  How Maui slowed the Sun is one of our favourites.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Master Chef 2 - Making scones

Master Chef 2 - Making Scones on PhotoPeach

Yum, fun, team work and learning!  We love Master Chef!

Monday, October 22, 2012

HNPS 150 Anniversary Launch

Last Thursday all students participated in the launch of the HNP 150 Jubilee which will be held at Labour Weekend 2013. Our guests to help us mark this occasion were Mr Craig Foss and Deputy Mayor, Cynthia Bowyer.
Some students from each class held blue and black balloons to represent the original colours of our school. These balloons were released. Each balloon had a message attached to tell about our Jubilee. Registration information will be available on our school website in the next few weeks.

Enjoy some of the writing produced by the children after the event.

Guess what!
It is nearly Havelock North Primary's 150 anniversary.  There was a remote control helicopter with a camera All of the balloons looked like a flock of birds.  There was a balloon in the tree.  It was funny! By Callum
 Today is the day.  Soon the school is 150 years old.  8 people from every class got to release a black or blue balloon.  Me, Jess, Callum, Jack, Zoe C, Lachlan, Fionn and Leo.  Those are the 8 in my class.  I released a black balloon and Jess did too.  I wonder where the balloons went!  If you didn't release a balloon you would have watched them fly.  The balloons were easy to fly away.  Brianna had to watch it.  After that my class ran around the field. By Holly

When the balloons were flying I thought they might have been to heaven or out of space.  There are 150 balloons.  When the helicopter flew up it looked like there were aliens in the helicopter. It looked cool.
By Adien

Today is the day I get to watch the balloons get launched into the air.  The balloons are blue and black.  Callum, Jess, Zoe C, Fionn, Lachlan, Holly, Jack and Leo lauched the balloons.  My school is almost 150 years old.  Good big balloons!  By Violet
It is HNPS 149th anniversary.  150 people at our school let the balloons go.  I thought they were all going to pop when they let them go because they could of got stuck in a tree.  There was a little helicopter in the sky.  It was taking pictures of everyone holding a balloon. By Louie

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Master Chef

Master Chef on PhotoPeach

Room 5 integrated their learning experiences based around fractions, numeracy, reading, and the key competency focus of participating and contributing, by taking part in a "Master Chef" challenge!  Wow what fun and learning took place! 

The children had a packet of instant dessert.  The challenges came in a number of ways - reading and then comprehending the instructions, measuring out 2 cups of milk when the equipment given was either a 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup measure, working out the duration of 2/3 minutes...and then 10 minutes, and of course working as part of a team. Each team member was given a position of responsibility - reader, equipment/ingredient gopher, timer or beater.  

After the desserts were made,  Mrs O had the pleasure of being Master Chef judge! Of course the best part for the children came in the tasting.  After sampling the 5 different flavours they decided to have a "children's" vote.  They collected the data for "favourite dessert".  The next learning experience will be in presenting the data...graphs/statistics!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Haircut-athon on PhotoPeach
What a lot of fun some of us had getting our hair washed, cut and styled at Milton's salon in the village.  We loved being pampered and looked so funky, handsome and beautiful when we were finished.  Thank you Milton and your staff, and the Home and School helpers, for such a  fun, fund-raising event!  I wonder if we broke the record for the Guiness Book of Records?
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