Saturday, March 31, 2012

Working Together

We worked together on our Wednesday word problem.  Often two brains working together can be better than one.  We are learning to talk to each other about our thinking.  If we don't understand we ask a question to find out more.  We are all teachers in Room 5!

Thinking like a historian - Our family tree

We are learning to think like Historians. 
The children have taken part in an oral presentation where they have introduced their family, through a family tree.  They have bee able to share interesting facts about what life was like when their parents, grandparents or great grandparents were young and growing up. The children have learnt to ask questions about the past and to find out more.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Room 5 News-week 9


Dear Parents,
Hi everyone,          
Another busy week of learning has flown by and I want to thank you for the great work that I know is being done at home. Many of the children are completing their mathletics tasks and we have been seeing a lot of movement on the numeracy knowledge ladders.  I am happy for the children to show their spelling and numeracy practise in their homework books.  It gives me a chance to praise them for their efforts.  We are looking forward to the family tree presentations.  Please refer to the attachment on last week’s newsletter if you are unsure of the expectations or pop in and speak to me.

 I am quite excited about the classroom blog.  Last week I made several slide shows of various events and learning, that took place in and around our classroom.  If you view the site with your children they will be able to share with you their learning.  Posted on the site recently is the Kahurangi NZ Maori Dance theatre, ideas of what 150 years ago would have been like, using the question matrix, softball skills with Mr Hastings, working with our big buddies and our self-portraits. 

Please note that the date for our trip to visit the CHB Museum in Waipawa and the Oruawharo Homestead, has had to be changed to Wednesday 2nd May.  More information will follow in a separate notice.

Last Friday we had our second meeting with our Room 12 big buddies.  What a fun, educational time the children had.  Using the computers the Room 12 children helped us edit poems we had written about ourselves.  Some children down-loaded a photo of themselves and wrote a caption about their learning.  We look forward to our next meeting with our buddies.

Please return the chocolate fundraising boxes if you haven’t already done so.  It is fine to return boxes even if you haven’t been able to sell them.

Don’t forget to visit our wiki page and class blog 

Homework Tasks-reading,  essential spelling words, phonic sheet focus,  mathletics,  numeracy knowledge ladder and handwriting.

 Have a great week.  Sue

Room 12 Big Buddies

Here we are with our Room 12, Big Buddies.  They have been teaching us how to publish our work onto word and then embed it onto our very own wiki page.  We are also learning to copy a picture from a file, embed it and write a caption about about our learning.  Visit our wiki to view our work.  It is a lot of fun working with our Big Buddies. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Ice Age - Learning to ask searching questions

In teams we were learning to ask searching questions about  - "The Ice Age".  Using a question starter we thought of questions we had about the Ice Age.  Even though we may not have been the person writing the question we had to help the writer spell tricky words.  Then as a team we had to find where the question went on the matrix.  We have been researching and finding answers to the questions.  Some of us asked experts - our friends, parents and teachers, while other people googled or use the encarta encyclopedia programme on our computers.  We all enjoyed reading non-fiction texts to try and find out more!

We are posting our questions on the question matrix!

Our ideas of what life was like 150 years ago

Here are Room 5's ideas about what would life have been like 150 years ago?
150 years ago we were all animals. But one day an animal turned into a human. They could invent paint by picking berries and squashing the berries to make paint.
150 years ago I think there were dinosaurs, cavemen too, They had rock T.Vs.
150 years ago cavemen and dinosaurs lived in a very old world with houses that were smashed and shops that were smashed.
The ice breakers are around then. They are ships that are special. They break ice that is as thick as the classroom.
150 years ago I think there are dinosaurs around and I think cavemen and I also think there was no paint.

I think that in the olden days people drive cars and the Roman people used spears for food.
150 years ago I think just my mums mum had the only car in the world!! and only there were dinosaurs around.
I think there were people that used to live in a cave. I think there were dinosaurs that lived in different caves to the people. I think there were no cars. I think there were no houses. I think there were no rainbows. I think there were no colours. I think there were no pieces of paper.
150 years ago I think there were carts. There were not colours and no rainbows. 
150 year ago I think dinosaurs were here and I know that they did bite and it was a long time ago it happened.
150 years ago they used carriages. I wonder why? They didn't invent TV. Why didn't they invent computers?
There were T.Rex's, Teradactyls and long necks. They had to use fire on sticks for light.
I think the school was born. I think my Granny was alive then. There home was not any colours. It was all plain. 
150 years ago I think wild animals ran across the houses and you had to ride horses.
150 years ago there was very poor people who had to eat roots. There were dinosaurs and I don't think cars were invented. There was no electricity. People couldn't listen to the radio and the TV or telephones or ipods and that was very sad. 
I think that people lived in a car. There were no TV's around.
150 years ago I think there were no TV colour programmes. People were hunting for dinosaur bones.
150 years ago there were dinosaurs and there was olden days.
I think the dinosurs were alive when it was 150 years ago. I wonder what it would be like living with the dinosaurs and I wonder what the dinosaurs looked like.

Softball Skills

Today we spent lots of time practising our throwing and catching skills.  Can you see our crocodile hands for catching, elephants trunks for throwing, and stop-sign arm for throwing.
Don't forget your aiming arm!

Room 5 Portraits

We are learning to think like artists.  We looked very closely at our facial features in a mirror.  We did a lot of measuring to get the correct spacing of our features on our face.  When colouring in our faces we copied the colours we saw in the mirror.  Some of us had to blend colours together for our hair. It took quite a few days to complete our portraits.  We are very proud of our work!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Buddies

The children from Room 12 are our big buddies.  On Friday they helped us publish our poems on the computer.  Then they showed us how to embed the poem onto a wiki page.  Some of us played games, drew pictures or read books while we waited for a computer.  The Room 12 buddies were great teachers and were very patient.

 Two big buddies!  You are lucky Jess!

We were concentrating very hard.

It is fun learning from each other.
On Friday with Mr Hastings we learnt catching and throwing skills for playing T Ball or Softball.  Here we are with "crocodile hands", ready to catch the ball.

We rolled the ball using an "elephant's trunk".

When throwing the ball we made our throwing hand into a stop sign.
We learnt so much and had a lot of fun!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mini Picasso's

We have spent the past 4 weeks learning about Picasso's different art styles and found his scultpure's made from junk, very interesting. We decided to make our own face sculptures using junk found at home.  Do you  recognise some of these familar items used to complete our sculptures? 
Meet... Alexandra
Meet... Lachlan

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As part of our Statistics unit we learnt to sort data and display it as a graph.  We worked together as a team!

Discovery Learning

We love being able to create, in discovery time. It is so much fun working together with our friends.

School Picnic

Wow, what fun we had last Thursday at the school picnic. 
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