Sunday, July 27, 2014

The meaning of equals

In maths we are learning about the meaning of equals.  We think that we have created the longest equation ever.  Check out the blog to see if you agree.  We have been learning that equals is a bit like a balance and both sides of the balance must be the same.  We were then very clever and changed the equals sign to the addition sign.  See the video below.  

Adding on groups of 10.

We changed the equals sign to the addition sign and counted on 34 groups of 10.  Do you know what the answer is?

Chameleon Calendar Art

Chameleon Calendar Art on PhotoPeach
Look at our stunning chameleon art.  We used colour and pattern to camouflage the chameleon. Clever aren't we.  These are going to be the designs used for calendar, card or diary art.  They make awesome gifts for Christmas  The order forms will be coming out soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Statistical investigations and what it means to be a "Data Detective".

We have been exploring number through statistical investigations.  Look at what we have been learning.  Look at our thinking in the slide show where we were learning to be "Data Detectives".
With a buddy we had to sort out the information and then display it.  Lots of groups sorted the information out in different ways.  We looked at and discussed the characteristics of a good graph.  We were able to made factual statements about what we found.  It is fun being "Data Detectives"!

We are Data Detectives

Data Detectives on PhotoPeach

Butterfly wings are symmetrical

Butterflies wings are symmetrical on PhotoPeach
We found out that butterfly wings are symmetrical.  That means that the pattern and the colour are the same on both wings.  We made some beautiful art works where we made the butterfly wings symmetrical.  We drew a simple pattern with black crayon on one wing then we folded our paper in half and Mrs Jarvis ironed over the paper.  The heat from the iron melted the back crayoned pattern onto the other side of the paper.  We carefully coloured over the black outline.  Notice how we carefully coloured each wing so that they were the same on each side.  This makes the wings symmetrical!

Our inquiry into why a butterfly has colourful and patterned wings.

Our inquiry about why a butterfly has colourful and patterned wings on PhotoPeach
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