Sunday, December 1, 2013

Boat Safety and ways we can look after our Kai Moana

Boat Safety and how we can look after our Kai Moana on PhotoPeach

The Minstrel shared with us important messages about boat safety and ways we can look after our Kai Moana.  We made posters with strong messages about what we had learnt.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Solar System by Tayla

Tayla made this model of the planets in our Solar System.

You are so creative Tayla!

Wow, these are very big numbers!


Swimming on PhotoPeach

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alex's Presentation

Alex like to thread beads and make bracelets and necklaces.

This is a bracelets made by Alex.

Caleb's Art Presentation

Caleb's has a clever Grandad who is a painter.

This is one of his paintings of art deco in Ahuriri.

This is his art studio.

Caleb's Gradad also made signs.

How clever!

James's Art Presentation

James Grandtather painted this picture.

His brother Mark and his dad are in this picture.

This is at Mahanga.

Hollie's Collage

Hollie's Collage

Jessica's Arts Presentation

Jessica made this volcano out of plaster.

She painted the background, added sand, pictures and dinosaurs.

We watched the volcano erupt.   Wow, what a cool sculpture!

Monday, October 28, 2013

150 Jubilee Celebrations

Here we are, minus the Kapa Haka children, ready for the celebrations!

The Jubilee special.

We waited quietly for our turn to perform. 

The Kapa Haka went first.  What a wonderful performance.

The Juniors all performed a Folk Dance.

Great singing, actions, poi and haka.

What a big audience.

Here are the new entrants performing the Bird Dance.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Making a 3 D butterfly by Olivia

Olivia made this 3 D butterfly.  She made a back and front butterfly shape.

Look at her careful, colourful colouring.  We loved the feelers!

Olivia stuff the inside just like a cushion.  What a wonderful artist you are!

Weaving with Harakeke - by Ranui

Weaving with Harakeke by Ranui on PhotoPeach

Making Pom Pom Puppies - by Jaimee

Making Pom Pom Puppies - By Jamiee on PhotoPeach

Friday, October 18, 2013

What does Capacity and Volume look like and sound like in Room 8?

Capacity and Volume on PhotoPeach

Millie's Arts Presentation on being an Architect

Millie's Arts Presentation on being an Architect on PhotoPeach

Millie spent time with her Dad finding out what it was like being an architect.  Her Dad told her about how he designed their house. She learnt that Architects make  plans and models of their designs.  With the help of her Dad they made a model of her house.  We all think she made a fantastic model!  Well done Millie!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Room 8 Puppet Show of Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf by Room 8 on PhotoPeach

Our very own Kapa Haka

We were very proud of our Kapa Hake children who performed for the first time in assembly.

Don't they look amasing in their Kapa Haka uniform.

Come to the Jubilee to see more!

Charlie's Drama Group

A very hungry Crocodile!

The Legend of Te Mata

Bruno invited Daisy to play the guitar for us

Bruno invited Daisy, his sister to play the guitar for us.

She played the guitar and sang at the same time - very clever!

This is Daisy's music stand.
Thanks for telling us some interesting facts about the guitar Daisy.
We think you are a great musician!

Amy made dolls clothes out of cup cake cases

Amy made doll clothes out of cup cake cases on PhotoPeach

Oscar the Artist

Oscar shared two pieces of art he made.

This is Oscars dog.  Can you see the number 7 on his back?

Scar made this art piece on the computer.  It is called going back in time.

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