Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shaping the Earth

Shaping the earth on PhotoPeach

After reading about how the earth is shaped we still had difficulty understanding how water eroded the earth.  We decided to do our own experiment to watch how water can change the shape of the earth.  We now have a better understanding of what erosion means.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What does multiplication look like at stage 4?

So what does multiplication look like at Stage 4? on PhotoPeach

Great thinking everyone.  I liked they way you were able to show your thinking in different ways.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bonds to 10

Bonds to 10 on PhotoPeach
2 apple trees, 10 apples.  How many different ways could the apples be sorted on the trees?

Images of Autumn

Images of Autumn on PhotoPeach

We have  been exploring the camera function on the ipad and ipod and some children have taken photo’s showing signs that Autumn is coming.

Clay Face Sculptures

Clay Face Sculptures on PhotoPeach

What fun we had on Friday creating our face sculptures through clay.  Many thanks to Melanie who shared with the children examples of famous artists work, one being Picasso, and also finished examples of clay faces.  The children enjoyed exploring and feeling the pieces.  They were each given a small handful of clay to manipulate, mould, squash, squeeze and poke.  The concentration was wonderful and most children produced two finished works.   It may take a few weeks but we are hoping to get the faces fired in the kiln. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


STRIKE! on PhotoPeach
The whole school went to a show today called "STRIKE". Look at the photo's and think about why the show was called STRIKE.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Softball Skills with Mr Hastings

Softball Skills on PhotoPeach
We are practising our throwing and catching skills with Mr Hastings.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mushroom Compost

Brandi and Jaimee brought in a bucket of mushroom compost from the mushroom farm and we started to do some noticing, remembering, questioning and wondering!

All the mushrooms are white. Millie
Some mushrooms are poisonous and you shouldn’t eat them. Nathan
The mushrooms are on top of each other.  They are close. Jess
They are growing in mud. Aarohi
I wonder if they can be different colours. Caleb
They grow in my sandpit. Lachlan
They can be red with white spots or brown. Oskar
There is white stuff in the bucket.  I wonder if the mushrooms will grow there. Bruno
All mushrooms are different. Charlie
They grow in dirt.  The dirt is black and it is not dried up.
Mushrooms can be bigger than those.  They can be grey and different sizes.  They can be different colours.
I know that mushrooms start off as pince, they grow into buttons and then into cups and then into flats.  Jaimee
The skin on the mushroom has cracks on it. Tayla
Red mushrooms with white spots are poisonous.  Brown mushrooms you can eat.  Those little mushrooms in the bucket are growing on top of each other. Tilda
I know the white ones have dirt in them.  There is some white stuff with the dirt. Jack
The mushrooms are growing in compost.  James
Some mushrooms can be orange. Ranui
I counted 36 mushrooms in the bucket. Amy
The mushrooms are a circle shape. Tia
How big can mushrooms grow? Mrs Jarvis
Some mushrooms can grow as big as your hand. Oscar
They like the dark so they do lots of growing at night time. Jaimee.
Can you eat mushrooms raw? Tayla
How do you tell if a mushroom is poisonous. Mrs Jarvis

Discovery through Clay-Clay through Discovery!

Clay through Discovery on PhotoPeach

Over the last 4 weeks we have had enjoyed discovering  the properties of clay.
The children have displayed amasing qualities such as perseverance, problem solving, creativity and patience.  
Different techniques have been explored and perfected.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Discovery

More Discovery on PhotoPeach

Perseverance was our big focus this week.  That means keeping on going even when tasks get tricky!  We are learning that if we come to a problem there are things to help us move forward.  We can think about trying a different solution, asking our buddy to help, asking an expert, watching what others are doing and think about whether that might help, or we could ask the teacher.  Can you see us persevering in these photos?


Discovery on PhotoPeach
This is what Discovery looks like in Room 8!  Look at the creativity, concentration, perseverance, learning and fun.  We just love it!

Face Sculptures

Face Sculptures on PhotoPeach

Look at the wonderful face sculptures we made using junk and collage material.  We tried to find objects that had a similar shape to the features on our faces.  At times it was quite difficult gluing on the smaller bits and pieces but we persevered and didn't give up.  We think Picasso would be impressed with our works of art.

Abstract Self Portraits

Abstract Self Portraits on PhotoPeach

We have been learning about different styles of art through the artist Picasso.  These pieces of work are based on our faces but they don't look quite different to our self portraits.  We had to be very brave and not take our pencil off the page when we were drawing.  The important thing was to still think about all the features on our face so when you look at our work you will see eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows, cheeks, ears and hair.  The faces don't look real but they do look like faces.  These are abstract pictures of our faces.
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