Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jack Frost

Winter Collage

We made a collage of Winter using different media -crayon, dye, ripped paper, folded paper snow flakes, polystyrene flakes and glitter.  We started working on the background.  Do you like the cold colours we chose? The snow flakes were fun to make.  They were all unique.  When we created the winter tree we had to  try to balance the tree on the page.  Building the tree from a strong trunk certainly helped!!  Ripping the paper took a lot of care.  We liked the way it made the trunk look rough, just like bark!  The fun part was the glitter.  Don't you like the way the trees sparkle!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun Food Family Feast...behind the scene!

Fun Food Friday Family Feast.  Wow 450 Pipi pizza lunches and 150 extra slices.  It really takes a lot of organising.  We loved the delish Pipi pizza, crispy carrot salad, tasty, chewy Anzac biscuit and Yummy Hawkes Bay Apple.  Thanks Alex and Chris from Pipi, Glen from Vegeez and Paul Paynter for the Yummy apples.

Place Value

Did you know that all numbers have a place and a value.  We have been playing a place value game with our buddies.  One person makes a number and the other person has to record the number in the place value house.  We are getting good at skip counting in tens and adding on ones.
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